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le wedding

 custom everything is the way to go
 love these little lovelies
 guestbook of my dreams
 photobooths and other disasters
bridesmaids' gifts

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my mommy

"you're turning into your mother" lol, and you say that like it's a bad thing... you obviously haven't met my mommy, whom i call mimi. she's pretty much the most level-headed basket case i know. she taught me how to love with my whole heart and the power of patience and forgiveness. she's strong and carries on when no one is there to pick up the slack. she tells me when she's proud of me through her tears over the phone. when she tells me she loves me, i know she means it. i feel empowered and strive to do better. she pushes me always, but pulls me up when i'm down. 

she's coming into town on friday, and i couldn't be happier about it... cause i've really missed my momma.

peacock island

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