Thursday, August 4, 2011

8 Years Ago..

..I moved to Santa Barbara for college and met Heather (whom i nicknamed Bean).
7.5 years ago we became roommates.
A couple months after that our apartment flooded.

Amidst the smell of mildew, 
boyfriend problems,
and a rolly polly infestation,
we came up with a game. 

As avid journalists,  
we huddled on my bed and took turns documenting
everything that makes us happy.
We bounced ideas off of each other 
and giggled ourselves to sleep.

Last night I texted bean:
"Bean, I'm in need of our list that makes us happy :) 
I'll start-"

Here are some things we came up with...

Blake Takes of the Day


& Joey

Peacock Features


Apricot Jam

Swimming in Lake Tahoe

Basil Martinis

Building tents out or sheets

Vintage Clocks

Grey Walls

And of course..... BLOGGING. 

What makes you happy????

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