Sunday, November 20, 2011

happy anni lover

...or at least it should have been.

its amazing what time can do to someone, to something, to a couple. 
it can be the very thing that holds you together
or that tears you apart.

today i found out that we were truly broken.
it was the latter of the two :(

i loved a man 
he loved me in return 
but it wasn't your typical fairy tale.

boy met girl
girl fell for boy
they got together 3 years later
& went their separate ways on the 4 year.

no one seems to write about the things that hurt anymore...
but i suppose we get our daily fix of pain during the evening news.
but  i really i wish someone would have warned me about the heartache 
you feel when you really let someone and it ends in disaster.

i am ready to start over; because that's what we do.

you grab the hand youre dealt 
& keep playing till you win.

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