Sunday, October 16, 2011

memories & love.notes

CT: Remember the best part of your day. I wanna hear about it later

C.​J. Tick: I love you. You're mine. And I'm the luckiest guy in the whole world I really cant get enough of you.

My love Clairey. We miss you in the love tent. Hope your having a great time!

Ct​ick: I love you for being strong
 I love you more than you know
Loving you from a far
Ct​ick: I love hugging you.  Your my love. And I love you  I could see myself with you for decades

Not at all. I love you for being you. All of it.

Hi muffin. I really love talking to you

CJ.T: Oh baby I wish you were here. I miss the poop out of you

CJ.T: I just explained us to my gparents. It took me 1 hour and 35min

CJ.T: I miss you dearly. Merry Christmas little kit. I have your presents with me to shower you on Thursday when I see you. I wanted to see your face, please forgive me.. I think I lo lo but what am I so afraid of..
C.​ Tick : "I want to fuck.the.shit.outofyou.."

I will have known you 6 months tomorrow..

I like your fugly bra. U even make that look sex.y

Remember when I googled neurotic

I wanna make love to u in pari.

Perfect Claire baby. See ur beautiful face soon!!

Okk sleep rrreal warm. Im gonna see you in a few days. Im gonna lean on you

You're in the big apple and all I have it a half apple :(

Xoxo turkeybaby
My beautiful vegas darling
My beautiful blue eyed bombshell

wanta kiss u now. Soft lil kisses..
Your body is ridic

I cant wait to see u next... I cant get u outa my head

Well, as long as u told her u liked me then everythings gravy.

I will embrace any Sculatti that comes my way. Espesh mama goose

YES. can we date already?
Its only been 4 and a half turk! I want u now- in my bed surrounded by big pillows.

You sound so soft in the morning
Hi baby.. Whats doin

Hii sexy! U miss me? Even when im holding you..

Im just a lil thirsty, can i have a half pint?

With you, I want it all

Stay sexy and soft, ok?

U make me happy when u smile! I love everyone u work with. I love ur big desk

Gmorning baby.. Fly safe to NYC. will u drop me a quick text when u land? im proud of you!

I heart You!Im all in! I see the fireworks in your eyes

Ps  u give the best head ever. BHFE
Are you my gf?Or just my turkey turk? Cuz baby, i like u

Ur beautiful in every sense of the word. Gnite baby...Mine!

Perfect day on Turkey lane..

Whats in the middle of Like and Love

Ur kinda a GREAT gf. u know that? Night night baby c

Baby u made ME blush

Weekend Itinerary:
32 hours of kisses,
17 hours of snuggle,
10 hours of prime time,
lifetime of love.

Hi bo. Will u send ur papi pix from table grapes?

I set this pic as my phone wallpaper
U love me. I know it
Ur the hottest
Ur naked body. Ohmy
Awww u normally call me the worst.
Really wanna hold u

Movie theaters. Car rides. Grassy noles.... Anywhere u want it, its all yours.  3 anytimes Youre the best girl I know Happy penis day!!
You would be a hot little wife... And real sweet Your the girl.
Love love.  Tell me you lo...
Gosh. You continue to amaze me.

Tell me you love me.
Save All your love for me. All ur cuddle love. And humpy love.
Thanks Bay! I love when you think of me (us).. very thoughtful.

Chris said I have an indefinate  girlfriend.... I told him you are here to stay (Say it puff) CJ​ Tick : I want ur (whistle whistle) I have a rrrreal suprise for u on #7

You are my girl!! Good Morning lil baby.. Im gonna go nigh nigh.. I miss u most at night (and in the morning)

Omgoodness ur so good and small!  Hii.. Call me tomorrow, ill be waiting for your call.. Miss u more than u know.  Love love CT.

Girly.. Can you come down from the clouds?

Me:what's in the middle of like and love? Colin, "Us like a month ago."

I wanna build you a house.

We make a nice item.

Oh girl. You're the best. I had a fantastic wkd with you. So smart and sexy. I miss u turk

Ct​ick: Tomato soup with macaroni and a half app

You're the best t

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