Friday, December 23, 2011

california girl

7 cities in 14 days, roadtrip like woah!

1. palm springs- for christmas! 
cant wait to ride the gondola up to the snow on christmas morning. i am gonna chase bebe alek around the house. make everyone tell their favorite grampa delos stories & just soak in all the fam time i can get.

 2. Santa Barbara- for a much needed fun sexy time, with my favorite santa barbie, Jessica

3. Roseville- for new years!
i've got a seriously over due date with my bestie bean & her 2 year old blake. i am thinking a giant fort made outta sheets in the living room, and a juicebox... then once blake goes nigh nigh its time to down some shots! wee

4. napa valley- for family time! aka christmas part 2 with my daddy 

5. San fran- for a swirlin' good time with brit brit

6. ventura- for a hug from cooper clark over cocktails and stories of our santa b days

7. Los Angeles- for a night out on the town with my la hotties like vk kere! mmmhmmm

...then back to vegas

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