Saturday, January 7, 2012

road.trip recap

Christmas in Palm springs
with our very own christmas miracle 

second stop: 
Santa B
 2 hour lunch with jessica at hendry's beach 
on a perfect dec day. 
followed by an even more perfect night 
of girl talk, 
vino and late night pizza 

then Rang in the New Year in Roseville 
with the maves family
 a little (new year's) photoshoot, per usu
 and made a fort outta sheets at 2am for bebe blake 
(but really for us)

Then Napa Valley to visit my daddy
 and show off my airplane flying skills

last but certainly not least: Los Angeles
 got to visit some friends i havent seen in ages.
--> Shane
--> vilma

... and finally back to vegas. 

sure 900 miles in 2 weeks seems like a lot,
but it was totally worth every mile.
 Happy New Year, everyone.
lets make it count.

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