Monday, September 3, 2012

Minnesota nice

 state fair goers 
 slingshot ride. don't be scared babe
 i want more smores
 and fresh fries 
and mini donuts, obviously. 
 picture proof that good people do exist. 
i left my beloved chanel bag near the bathroom
and after a 20minute photoshoot on the john deere tractors 
and one rather large panic attack 
after i realized no one had my bag...
went running back and asked a couple kids 
who then told me they gave it to a hot dog vendor 
who then turned it in to the police.
i took off in the direction they pointed 
and found the men in blue who happily handed over my bag 
and said "enjoy your day at the fair."

 kiki is from the minni.
because of her i know what a hotdish on a stick is, 
but for those of you who don't 
(y'all can reference the picture below).

oh joe, you sexy beast
 cutest kids with fair-do's- 
pink and blue, naturally.
 more food on a stick
 and bacon for my baby
 and little chicken dance just because
 a tractor pose/ode to my farmer girlfriends from my hometown
 scottie with a unicorn 
 and this sky daisy/coolest swings ever
 and me and my man. 
per usu.

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