Thursday, October 23, 2014

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Here are 22 things I want my daughters to know in 22 years:
1. Do not spend all your time looking for the man of your dreams. This was my mistake. I would have enjoyed my twenties so much more if I appreciated being single and doing whatever I wanted to do, even if there was no potential to meet boys.
2. Travel. See the world as much as your budget allows. Once you have kids, you ain’t going nowhere.
3. Don’t obsess about your weight. You’ve probably got my sweet tooth and ability to pack on the pounds, but you know when I got my skinniest? When I stopped being so extreme about what I allowed myself to eat. Try eating a chocolate chip cookie without pretending it’s your last. Then you are less likely to eat the whole box.
4. Unless your passion is making money, don’t let money guide your career choice. When you have a family, you will hate every second of your job if it’s about nothing more than a paycheck. The easiest path to work life balance is having your time at work and your me time be one and the same.
5. Wear sunscreen!!!! Don’t wait until you’re thirty-five to realize you should have been taking care of your skin all along.
6. Don’t waste time being friends with people who aren’t nice people. They might have been the cool kids in college or the most fun people to party with, but you aren’t winning any sort of contest because someone who doesn’t like many people wants to be your friend. They will suck your positive energy, steal your boyfriend and create unnecessary drama that you should have outgrown by now.
7. If you are ever wondering if a guy you are dating really likes you, he doesn’t. Get rid of him.
8. Floss. (I’m told. I’m still trying to learn this one.)
9. Your body is your body. If you have to go to extremes to change it, it won’t last and it will just take you longer to learn to love it.
10. If you are ever feeling lonely, call your sister. She comes from the same place and understands you better than anyone. If you want a shoulder to cry on or a person to brag to, call your mom. She wants to hear all news— good and bad.
11. If you are trying to find romance based on Hollywood movies, notice almost all rom coms end when the two people get together. Real relationships are about the ups and downs that happen after that.
12. Don’t look for yourself in male form. Your father and I are totally different but work well together. If we were interested in all the same things, we would drive each other crazy. If we brought all the same skills to the table, half the shit adults need to do would never get done.
13. If you want to have children and a career, find a man who likes to cook.
14. If you ever get laid off, know that you can bounce back from it in a big way. That’s what your mom did.
15. Live somewhere different for at least a year. Growing up in NYC is kind of a curse because so many people migrate here. I like to think it’s where I would have ended up anyway, but truthfully, my one regret is that I never really left home.
16. Pick up a newspaper every once in awhile. Or read the Times on your iPad. Or visualize it on your iHolograph 2000. Whatever. Just be informed.
17. No one feels like a grown-up. We are all kids in adult bodies.
18. Everybody thinks they have no idea what they are doing when they first start a real job. Some are just better at hiding it.
19. Don’t live with someone before you are ready because it makes sense financially. It’s really hard to break-up when you are sharing a bathroom.
20. Your two or three closest friends are really the only friends that matter.
21. Don’t feel pressure to have kids if you don’t want them. Having kids is life-changing and hard. Take that decision seriously and don’t just do it because that’s what everyone expects. Even if your mother keeps pestering you.
22. Contrary to everything you previously thought, your mom is pretty cool

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