Sunday, April 1, 2012

The running bday weekend list

Lucky for me, my 27th birthday falls on a Thursday this year! So I am thinking this weekend will go a little something like this...
Dinner with a handful of my closest friends at mundo- that amazing mexican place inside the world market
Followed by excessive drinking at Lady Silvia with 50 of my closest acquaintances.

Drive to LA bright and early Play in the sun on the Santa Monica beach
Go out for drink and drinks with dani, Jess and Vilma
 Followed by drinks at bar marmont and late night snacks

Drive to palm springs Lay out all day,
swim with baby Blake in the pool
Shop for vintage finds at my favoiirte thrift stores
And dinner on el paso with family and friends

Brunch with heather and Erin at the Parker, ace or vicory hotel (coin toss is in order cause I love them all) More sunshine and playtime
Dinner at my fab mexi spot
Movie at the river Late night girl talk with bean

Repeat of Sunday, sort of... And then Drive back to Vegas

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